Antibiotic Restoration

No matter how healthy we keep ourselves, sometimes taking an antibiotic is unavoidable – whether it’s an unexpected case of tonsillitis, a tooth infection, or pre/post-surgery.

The truth is that antibiotics are powerful and life-saving medicines, however what many don’t know is that they can disrupt the balance of our good gut bacteria and consequently impact other areas of our overall health.

From stomach upsets like diarrhoea or other gastrointestinal disturbances like pain & bloating, to higher incidence of yeast overgrowth and inflammation, antibiotics aren’t without their consequences.

The good news is that when you do need to take a course of antibiotics there are steps you can take to help support your body and minimize any undesirable health effects, including taking probiotics with antibiotics.

Keep your gut in balance during a course of antibiotics with the Inner Health range of probiotics that may assist in antibiotic restoration:

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